About me

I am a third-year student at the University of California, San Diego, pursuing my Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. My research interests lie within the intersection of Artificial Intelligence with audio processing and musical transcription. I specialize in harnessing big data, recommender systems, and natural language processing to transform products and software with machine learning.

I am actively pursuing internship opportunities in Machine Learning and Software Engineering, eager to showcase my skills and gain insights into industry-standard practices. Down the line, my goal is to transition into a Product Management role, aligning with my deep-seated interest in advancing data-driven technology and leveraging my innate abilities in external communication and leadership.

Selected Experience


I am currently working as an Undergraduate Researcher as a part of the ERSP program at UCSD Computer Science and Engineering Department under the advisory of Prof. Ravi Ramamoorthi and Prof. Tzu-Mao Li within the Center for Visual Computing. I lead a team of four in the development of Slang, a differentiable shading language, through efficiency and performance analysis, in collaboration with Nvidia.

Here is the project proposal: Image View Synthesis and Differentiable Rendering in Slang

Professional Experience

As a Software Engineer Intern at GymBuddy in the Fall of 2023, I led a dynamic SWE team in collaboration with the UC Berkeley UX Club to enhance existing web applications, strategically setting project goals and tasks to attract potential sponsors. Notably, I prototyped an Advertiser Dashboard web application using React.js, AWS Amplify, and Cognito for secure authentication, while also deploying the backend infrastructure with Google Firebase and Node.js to ensure a seamless user interface and facilitate data queries for advertising partners.

During my first year in college as a Software Engineer at the startup, Endeverus, I focused on developing APIs to connect user event handlers with data queries using Python and AWS Lambda. Additionally, I integrated EC2 Servers with cloud-based data via AWS DynamoDB, thereby optimizing data flow and enhancing the efficiency of applications. I also pitched into product-centric decisions such as designing the user interface, as well as managing the user experience of client components.

Projects & Initatives

Recently, I spearheaded a team of CSE students in the development of machine learning models (DNN, SVM, Log Reg) to predict loan repayment behavior, Predictive Modeling for Loan Repayment Optimization, achieving 94% accuracy on testing data.

In a more individual passion project, I crafted a KNN Forecast Machine Learning TradingView Indicator and Algorithm. Here, I created a K-Nearest Neighbors regression model to forecast future price points, yielding a remarkable 2461.42% return on $TSLA. Additionally, I enhanced a third-party script using Python, Skopt, and Selenium to refine parameter selection, contributing to open-source trading optimization.

Throughout the past, I’ve consistently demonstrated a keen focus on driving innovation and growth within various ventures. As a Web Applications Administrator at Virtual Tutoring SF, I founded and spearheaded the development of the organization’s Computer Science branch, overseeing the creation of web applications and implementing Chatbot APIs to streamline communication between our staff and tutee customers. Additionally, my role as Co-Founder of Blossom Supply involved managing the development of web applications and a mobile app, while leading cross-functional teams to conceive and execute innovative e-commerce platforms.

Other Interests and Qualifications

Currently, I’m on the path to obtaining my California Real Estate Salesperson license, driven by my commitment to thrive in our family business. Outside of real estate, I hold certification as a USATF Official and have a background as a sprinter in club-college athletics. Additionally, I’ve contributed to my high school alma mater as both a Defensive Backs and Linebackers coach. My interests extend to music, where I’ve earned an Associate of the Royal Schools of Music Piano Diploma and have actively collaborated with producers as an audio engineer.